Meet the team

Mattressman James

Eccentric editor
Hi, I’m James. I’m here to keep errant commas and spelling mistakes at bay. I even make jokes sometimes, too.
Favourite mattress: The Hotel Rest Deluxe
I’m never seen without my… glasses.
Favourite food: Absolutely anything with cheese

Mattressman Kelly

Beatnik blogger
Hi, I’m Kelly. I make sure that there’s always something interesting for you to read on our blog, keeping you up-to-date with all of the latest trends and at-home remedies.
Favourite mattress:
Hotel Rest Deluxe
I’m never seen without my… craft kit/glue gun!
What’s in your coffee? Gingerbread soy latte

Graphic design guru
Hi, I’m Steve. I created the avatars that you see on this page. They’re pretty funky, even if I do say so myself.
Favourite mattress: Relyon Orthofirm 800
I live for… story time with my daughter.
Favourite place: Behind my drum kit

Mattressman Louis

Communications chief
Hi, I’m Louis. I spend my days managing the team and making sure that Mattressman always puts his best foot forward.
Favourite Mattress: Zero Gravity 1000
I live for… Pop Punk
Favourite place: Orlando, Florida

Mattressman Steven

Marketing maverick
Hi, I’m Steven. As part of the marketing team, I attend to all of our social media platforms. I’m a dab hand at photography as well!
Favourite mattress: Restapocket 1200 Memory
What’s in your coffee? Tea
Favourite place: My bed